• 孤独の左目

    Lone left eye

    This picture is intended to doubt the form of the world which is being seen.
     An eye has the function as the homeostasis of the color.This function is used for recognizing the same substance in the same color  under any kind of light source to .This function is expanded by piling up the experience seen under the various light sources.In other words,a variances occur in the recognition between the persons who grew under the different light source.
    One ideas is inferred from this fact.It is that visible the color is estimated that there was a difference by era.

     We aren't judging a appearance of the world from only an eye. The sight is related to other five senses closely. The eye which is a sense organ receives a stimulus of light, and we decide what it's on the basis of  accumulated experiences in the other five senses.In other words, we're using a memory then.When the memory to recognize an acquaintance is made "A memory of Individual", it's possible to make a memory to recognize a substance and a space which do not have ‎uniqueness "a memory of ‎public".
     "A memory of ‎public" is supported by a concept and a notion.These have not been necessarily chosen by oneself. Many of them had been into the hands unawares among piled up experience at the past . Namely, that is the real root of  "A memory of ‎public"  which makes the world one of the thing.






    People's science made the impossible thing possible and solved various problems. Our life received the profits of various technology. There are technology of in vitro fertilization and technology of a clone in those portions. Culture and advance can be called people's essence. However, that essence may deprive us of name of man. This work is using the living thing of an aquarium as a motif which suggests people's future or the present figure. An aquarium does not have a struggle for existence. Furthermore, there are an artificial wave, a rock, and a human being in an aquarium. It means being surrounded by the technology which people produced. Appearance is the same as a marine living thing. However, it may be growing into an essentially different existence. They who are in the wall side made from the acrylic resin seem to be the human being who deviated from natural providence.

    人類の科学は様々な問題を、不可能を可能にすることによって解消してきた。私たちの生活は自らが作り出してきた様々な技術の恩恵を受けている。それらの一部には体外受精やクローンという、生命の存在意義に関わる技術がある。文化とあくなき向上心が人間の真髄と言えるかもしれない。しかし、それによってもたらされるものは、人間を生物たらしめていることを奪うかもしれない。  作者は水族館の生物を人間の行く末、あるいは現在の姿を暗示するモチーフとしている。  水族館の生物と海に生きる同生物との一番の違いは、生存競争に身を置かないということだろう。そのことが両者の生き方を大きく分けている。水族館には人口の波や岩、そして人間がある。これらの生き物は、人間の生み出した技術に囲まれ、育まれている。姿形は海に生きるそれと何ら変わりないが、別の存在に成りつつあるのかもしれない。  数十センチのアクリル壁一枚を隔てた場所に存在するその姿は、あたかも自然の摂理から逸脱した人間のようである。